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In our daily travels, April, May and June, we average about 10 quotes per day, of which about 4 projects per day are not in disrepair. Out of 10,  6 stamped concrete pool patio, driveways and patio projects, are in disrepair. And we  are not able to take on as new customers, because they have serious sealing issues from prior contractor experiences and services. See photos below.

Why is this?

Well, here we go............😔

Most folks when asked, who did this, reply with an amnesia response? 

The answer: “Uh, wait, He’s out of (name of city)”. Then I wait and sure enough, they regurgitate the company name. 🤔

We then ask why they chose them over someone else?
The answer: they installed our pool patio, driveway, patio etc. and they told us we need to seal it every year! 🤔

We then ask, how often have they been sealing your project?
The answer: they said we need to seal it every year. They had us sign a contract and look at out stamped concrete, it’s a mess!😢
*** they usually add: “they’ve sealed it the last four years, and this is what we get?
******the shine only lasts a couple of weeks then it’s dull again. Hmmmm🤔

We ask, why did you call us?
The Answer: they no longer return our calls. 🤔
****I guess they don’t want your money anymore. Really? Why?
****Answer: What’s been done is problematic and beyond repair..

We then explain to the customer who needs to wait 3, 4 and sometimes even longer for us to come back and properly clean and apply a quality concrete sealer. 

             Check out this hypothetical scenario and think about it, for a while....


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