Company History

We are a stamped, exposed aggregate and regular concrete cleaning and sealing restoration & maintenance company. We fully understand all aspects of a concrete installation (16 years) and the challenges associated with each and every project, from mix design, to concrete coloring options, and shortcuts that exist in times of trouble, usually associated with hot or cold temperatures, wind, personnel experience level on hand that day, for finishing the concrete.  And there is a bunch more variables that can adversely affect the outcome of your concrete project. We've been there! Call Now or Email us for a Free Quote!

Our Early Spring Routine - May & June

Every year we start our season with receiving many emails and calls daily, that we then sort and sift through by scheduling visits. 

                 20 % Savings discount

This is easy to do. The problem is out of an average 8-10 visits per day, about 30 % of the projects, have serious surface appearance problems, preventing us from taking on these projects.

Cheap sealers, wrong type of sealers were use, too much sealer applied, or customer does it themselves (avoid the Hassle) or the concrete pool deck, patio, driveway or walkway was neglected by not being properly maintained.

Its sad to see many people upside down, as they cannot or choose not to spend tens of thousands of dollars a second time, to replace their project. Even worse, they are embarrassed to have family and friends over for swimming, lounging around etc. 

This leaves our  prospective customers waiting years, for sealers to wear off, so we can start over again years later, the right way and with the right product!

Avoid this problem by asking contractors the hard questions. See the hard questions on concrete sealing and what type of sealer should be used, and why its used. Every scenario is not the same.

Welcome to Bristol County Sealing Company Online!

We are former stamped concrete installation contractors who after 16 years. Over the years, we discovered that too many customers were not getting the help, service or calls back from their installation contractors for concrete sealer issues who put the project in place. After serving our past customers and their neighbors and other contractor estranged customers, we decided to start an actual restoration and sealing maintenance division, and help other contractor customers with their stamped, exposed aggregate and conventional concrete cleaning and sealing, restoration and resealing maintenance needs.

In 2009,  we decided to serve customers with professional cleaning, sealing restoration and maintenance services, utilizing only quality products and sound cleaning and sealing processes, in the concrete cleaning and sealing of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and regular concrete pool decks, driveway, patios and walkways, every weekday.

Bristol County Sealing Company utilizes different types of sealers, that are quality sealers and most contractors don't know about or care about spending more money for, even if it’s a better quality sealer, because it affects their bottom line and puts less money in their pocket.. 
We are a legitimate company that is licensed and insured. That's workman's compensation and liability insurance, which covers you completely from liability and workplace injuries. Be smart!
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